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Introducing our Kalonji Series, featuring niacinimide and hyaluronic acid. We use Quranic & Sunnah inspired ingredients coupled with the best in skincare science to bring you products your skin can trust

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Kalonji Skincare Series

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asas skincare


A good cleansing routine coupled with good habits from early on is vital for keeping your skin healthy and preventing disease.

However a product with good ingredients imbued with sound principles goes a long way in giving you confidence in the look & feel of your skin • asas •

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skin health with Kalonji

This miracle ingredient softens and moisturizes the skin. Among the many benefits, research has shown that Kalonji helps promote better health in patients who suffer from eczema, acne and psoriasis. Here are some quick skincare facts about Kalonji:

Customers reviews

My skin started glowing, it felt moisturized and I could feel my pores beginning to unclog

Dr Tengku Mardiah
My skin feels more supple and youthful. I also noticed my skin looking brighter and smoother

I suffer from long-term psoriasis. And after I used Kalonji Deep Serum, my psoriasis dried up and left me with a smoother and more glowing skin
Nur Haizum Aimi